Our Aims

– take into account the direct environmental impacts of our operations (including those of our buildings, transport, plant, and the procurement of materials and services) and, where possible, make a positive contribution to the environment

– improve our energy efficiency by actively managing energy in our all our operations

– reduce waste generation and increase the proportion of waste that is reused or recycled

– work with our supply chain to identify and mitigate the environmental impacts associated with our activities

– measure, monitor and communicate the environmental performance of our activities to all staff, driving continual improvement in areas of significant risk and opportunity

– promote a culture of environmental awareness among our staff and encourage them to conduct their activities in an environmentally friendly manner.

Progress Tracking

At PTC, tracking our progress towards our aims is an integral part of our environmental outlook. We track our progress through monitoring and self assessment of key environmental aspects and regularly appraise our efforts to mitigate our environmental impact against our company environmental objectives.

Environmental Management

Managing environmental aspects of our company and the projects that we complete is a vital part of our working processes at PTC. We understand the necessity of effective and efficient management processes for environmental consideration and adopt as many best environmental working practices we can to ensure the environmental sustainability of our projects, minimising our impact on the planet for future generations.

PTC have designed, built and maintained an integrated quality and environmental management system (PIMS), achieving and maintaining our ISO 14001 2015 accreditation.

PTC have transitioned to the new ISO 2015 standards, where a more comprehensive management of environmental aspects and impacts of our company and the projects we work on is integrated into our procedures, processes and day to day activities. PTC has set clear, realistic objectives to support a successful transition and have incorporated new aspects of environmental management into our practices including; life-cycle thinking, plan-do-check-act procedures, strategic planning, clear environmental objectives, identification of environmental risks and opportunities. In this transition we have made key changes which include;

– A greater focus on leadership

– Increased prominence of environmental management within the organization’s strategic planning processes

– Increase competence level of staff with IEMA accredited qualifications in environmental management in construction

– Addition of proactive initiatives to protect the environment from harm and degradation, such as sustainable resource use and climate change mitigation

– Improving environmental performance added

– Life-cycle thinking when considering environmental aspects

– Addition of a communications strategy

– Environmental Work-group Collaboration

– Development of a New Environmental Management Plan

Best Practice

In our mission towards environmental sustainability PTC have adopted many best practice strategies for managing environmental aspects of our company and construction projects. These practices are integrated at all stages of our business through planning, management, mitigation and monitoring.

We recognise that there is a cost to the environment in the way we operate. It is PTC’s policy to conduct our business in an environmentally accountable manner, in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and we are committed, where practicable, to minimising any adverse environmental impacts which may result from our operations.

Environmental Roadmap

Our Environmental Road map sets out PTC’s environmental plan, detailing where we we are environmentally at present, what we are planning to do to improve our environmental impact and what we aim to achieve. This road map was collaboratively put together by our Environmental Work group and is reviewed annually to account for progressions in knowledge, technology and approach.

The Future

At PTC we look to the future for environmental action, taking an innovative approach to improving our environmental impact and working to provide an environmentally sustainable world for future civilisation.

Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

In our process to develop and improve our environmental management systems, PTC have created a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (EMP) incorporating best practice over and above ISO 14001 2015. This plan is designed to be used on a vast array of projects, especially for environmentally sensitive or high impact projects, for thorough planning, management and mitigation of environmental risks and opportunities.

The use of this plan allows PTC to thoroughly identify environmental aspects on sites and assess potential environmental impacts arising from our works. This plan ensures the identified aspects are impact assessed, best practice strategies and detailed monitoring practices are put in place where reasonably practicable.

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