At PTC we are committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients and partners through continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, creating maximum value.

PTC work continuously to improving a robust quality management system to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 2015 standards, ensuring competency of the highest standard providing appropriate education training and experience to achieve the best results in a safe and considerate manner.

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure the maintenance and continual improvement of our high standards of quality we;

– Provide our employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve high quality management on our projects.

– Produce our project deliveries within time and budget to a high standard of quality.

– Utilise a robust Quality & Environmental Management System to ISO 9001 & 14001 2015 and optimise our systems through continual improvement.

– Extensively assess our suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure the quality of products and services.

– Promote quality among our employees, stakeholders and the wider industry and public.

– Encourage innovative and imaginative thinking from our employees and clients.

Value Engineering

At PTC we endeavour to provide value engineering solutions on projects we are undertaking, with the vision to benefit all stakeholders involved. We welcome and encourage innovation at PTC, for forward thinking solutions that contribute to increasing our production, service and economic quality.

We deliver value engineering by;

– Researching and/or procuring alternative materials that may be of higher quality, lower cost and have a lower environmental impact than those proposed.

– Offering alternative designs that are more economic, more time and skill efficient, of an improved quality and/or more sustainable.

– Providing design and build services to clients for efficient project delivery.

– Finding environmentally friendly alternatives to materials or services promoting a positive image of projects, adding value and having a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

– Promoting projects through best practice, community engagement and considerate socially aware construction.

Quality Management

To manage our quality effectively and efficiently, we implement our quality management systems through;

– Driving forward change by continually improving our quality management system to provide best practice quality services.

– Planning for effective change, looking at why we are changing, how we change and what the impact of this change may be.

– Efficient monitoring of changes within our organisation and on our sites to track and control the quality of our company and project deliveries.

– Establishing a systematic approach to risk based thinking, becoming proactive in our approach to quality improvement and promoting best practice.

– Promoting quality management culture through our leadership and company commitments, developing customer focused quality management culture.

– Exploring risks to our quality standards and management and continuously looking for opportunities to improve our workmanship, service and economic quality.

– Recording and monitoring our client feedback, enabling us to assess our performance on our projects identify ways to enhance our quality and customer satisfaction to meet and exceed client expectations.

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