“Development That Meets the Needs of the Present Without Compromising The Ability of Future Generations to Meet Their Own Needs”

As a Civil & Building contractors sustainability is considered a high priority and integral to our operations. At PT Contractors we are committed to being socially, economically and environmentally responsible throughout all sectors of our company. As a business we aim to play a proactive role in contributing to achieving sustainability where we have influence, whether with our clients or suppliers.

Life Cycle Management (LCM)

Life cycle management is applied to our service to improve products and services, while enhancing the overall sustainability performance of the business and its value chains. PTC are ambitious and committed to reducing their environmental and socio- economic burden while maximizing economic and social value. In this regard, LCM is used beyond the short-term business success; rather it aims at taking businesses forward towards long-term achievements and sustainable value creation.

Social Sustainability

Our industry involves a vast number people that help deliver construction projects and support the developments of the built environment. We have an obligation to be socially responsible, not just for those who are directly involved in the construction industry but also for the wider aspects of social issues that encompass our industry. Our commitments to social sustainability include;

– Promoting a positive image of the industry, especially among young people in our local area.

– Recruiting, engaging, training and creating opportunities for young persons.

– Promoting social responsibility through community engagement schemes.

– Help tackle social issues through charity fundraising.

Economic Sustainability

Economic sustainability is a driving factor in the construction industry and PT Contractors is committed to providing/promoting economic sustainability throughout our operations. Our economic responsibilities includes supporting local and national businesses driving local economy where possible. Our commitments to economic sustainability include;

– Source local suppliers to our projects, obtaining resources from local businesses.

– Use Sub-Contractors local to our project sites.

– Promote economic responsibility through the construction industry.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability could be considered the driving factor for change with regards to sustainability in the construction industry. At PT Contractors we are committed to adopting environmental responsibility to promote stewardship of the natural environment we live in. The construction industry has historically been seen as one of the largest impacts on the environment and we intend to improve the image of the construction industry to show how as developers of the built environment we can be environmentally responsible and reduce our impact on the changing world. Our commitments to environmental sustainability includes;

– Improve energy efficiency through considerate use of energy dependent operations.

– Minimise GHG emissions through considerate use of fossil fuels with energy efficient equipment and good general housekeeping.

– Minimise water usage throughout the company including head office and site welfare units.

– Promoting environmental awareness within the company through education of environmental issues and solutions.

– Promote pollution awareness through education and prevent pollution where possible through mitigation strategies.

– Procuring plant and materials responsibility at the purchase stage of projects to reflect sustainable products and energy efficient plant.

– Procure recycled materials where possible to reduce the impact of material production on the environment.

– Manage waste using our implemented waste management measures.

– Adhere to the recognised waste hierarchy;

– Eliminate: Not to create unnecessary waste.

– Reduce: Reduce the materials that are over-ordered, reduce the materials that are damages by instituting improved storage methods and minimising the waste of raw materials.

– Re-Use: Re-use waste materials on other sites or investigate third party usage for large quantities.

– Re-Cycle: Re-cycle materials wherever possible, general waste processed by a third part for further reclamation of materials.

– Dispose: Ensure that our waste is disposed legally and in a responsible manner.

Sustainable on Site

We strive to achieve a high level of sustainability on site on all of our projects


We have been substituting our plant equipment and generators on site more more energy efficient models reducing our environmental impact. we have also been swapping our fuel dependent equipment for more electric versions to reduce our emissions. We have also been substituting filament lighting with LED lighting which has a vastly lower energy demand.


We have been working with our clients and suppliers to obtain more sustainable products for our projects. These materials include more technically advanced products resulting in greater sustainability, using more recycled materials saving on manufacture impacts and waste material impacts, procuring materials locally for our projects where available and estimating our material needs more accurately so as not to over order.

Community Engagement

On our sites we have been striving to be more active with the communities, making sure surrounding residents of our sites are kept informed of what is going on. We also invest our time into community engagement projects and events, promoting the image of the construction industry.


Transportation on our sites is also becoming more sustainable, where we strive to reduce the vehicular impact on the environment and on the infrastructure network. To tackle transportation we use as few vehicles as possible where our operatives are from areas as local to the projects as possible and journeys are shared as much as possible. We also strive to make sure our commercial vehicles are as efficient as possible renewing them every three years to ensure they are using the most up to date vehicles with regards to fuel efficiency. In the future the total adoption of electric vehicles is an aspiration for us at PT Contractors.

Utility Management

At PT Contractors we have been actively managing the use of our utilities including cutting down on power use, and reducing our consumption of water. We have put into place actions at head office to reduce our usage of these utilities such as using captured rainwater to wash our company vans in our yard using a water harvesting system and pump to supply the our external hoses. We also look to save energy and water during our projects on site as part of an environmental impact assessment.

Sustainability Accreditations

ISO 9001

With Our ISO 9001 accreditation and Quality Management system we manage sustainable quality in our organisation through our procedures, policies and day to day activities. We have now transitioned to the new 2015 ISO 9001 standards.

ISO 14001

At PT Contractors we are accredited with ISO 14001 standards, integrating environmental management systems into our procedures, policies and day to day practices. We have now transitioned to the new 2015 ISO 14001 standards.


At PT Contractors we are currently accredited with Achilles which encompasses many sustainability traits including environmental standards, quality standards and corporate social responsibility standards.

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