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We have extensive experience in the river and marine civil engineering sector delivering a wide range of projects covering areas such as flood defence works, renovation, structural repairs, piling and timber groyne installation and maintenance.


We have a vast range of experience of environmental improvement projects that range from ecological protection to a variety of landscaping and beautification projects. We have worked with many local and national authorities to enhance the environment we live in and the world which we have stewardship over.

Eling Marsh / Southampton Waters Revetment Works

Protection/Revetment works to 2 existing pylons being undermined by erosion in the upper reaches of Southampton waters.

Avon Beach Promenade

Raising and widening a 250m long section of promenade, bringing it in line with other parts of the promenade and improving the coastal defences to protect against predicted sea level rise.

River Wallington Bank Stabilisation

Removal and replacement of gabions on the River Wallington adjacent to a sheet pile wall.

Greenways Phase 1 - California Way

Construction of a new greenway route from Commonfield Lane to Finchampstead Baptist Church, Finchampstead and associated work.

Mill Lane River Substation Phase 1 & 2

The construction of a new sheet piled wall to the river bank beneath live cabling working from pontoons at Mill Lane Sub-Station. These works also include the reshaping of the existing river bank, the installation of a bed mattress, installation of flow diverters, regrading of gabion stone and stabalising planting of the river bank.

Westbay Car Park Improvements

Renovation of the Westbay car park, including the installation of new services, lighting, fencing, singage and new surfacing and road markings.

29 Berth - Quayside Reconstruction

External works adjacent to Berth 29 at Southampton Docks, including installation of new storm, power and alarm services, the disposal of contaminated waste and the resurfacing of macadam and concrete slabs.

Hayling Island Billy Trail

The repair of Damage timber flood defence on Hayling Island, including the installation of hardwood posts and edgings and the installation of a new geotextile lining.

QEII Walkway - Southampton

Demolition of the existing walkway structure for the QEII Berth in Southampton docks and the construction of new piles foundations for the new walkway installed. Works to the Berth also include the installation of new drainage, RC works to the quayside, diversion of a water main and the installation of the running tracks for the new walkway.

Rank Hovis Dock Gate 10 - Southampton Docks

Renovation works to the ex-Rank Hovis compound into a car park, including the removal of contaminated waste, installation of new surface water drainage and power, installation of new lighting, construction of a reinforced retaining structure, macadam surfacing and fence installation.

Environment Agency - Caversham Lakes

Demolition of the existing Waterways building in Caversham and the construction of a new steel framed building and the refurbishment of an existing workshop building. These works also include the construction of a new underground drainage system.

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