Avon Beach Promenade

Project Details

CLIENT: Christchurch Borough Council
LOCATION: Avon Beach
START DATE: January 2018
VALUE:  £574,115.00

Description of Works

To raise and widen a 250m long section of promenade, bringing it in line with other parts of the promenade and improving the coastal defences to protect against predicted sea level rise.

The innovative design incorporates the use of free-standing interlocking precast concrete barriers measuring 3.0m x 0.8m x 0.45m as the new retaining wall. Bolted to the top of the retaining wall are recycled hardwood timber planks with solar powered low level LED lighting inset into the planking.

The existing tarmacadam surfacing was excavated and removed together with any unsuitable sub-base material. 1. 40mm nominal sized clean aggregate provides the bulk-fill material up to footway construction which dovetails in with the existing at either end.

The footway surfacing construction consists of a well compacted 150mm thick layer of Type 2 limestone aggregate with between 60-100mm thick layer of tarmacadam binder/base course, topped off with between 16-30mm thick 6mm nominal size coloured asphalt or resin bound aggregate.

Upon completion of the promenade enhancement works to the beach in front of the new structure is re-profiled to the height of the edging planks. The new structure also allows for two seating areas which protrude out in to the beach.

To the rear of the beach huts is a low level wall which forms an integral part of the flood and coast protection structure. This was raised by between 500-600mm.

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