Mill Lane River Substation Phase 1 & 2

Project Details

LOCATION: Ringwood
START DATE: P1 – 07/2015

P2 – 07/2016


P2 – 08/2016

VALUE:  £701,292

Phase 1:

Working afloat to install 109no 7m long L604 steel sheet piles, using a Movax piling rig positioned on modular pontoons to form a new river retaining wall. Once piles were installed platypus 49no 12m long platypus anchors were installed into the embankment. The works took place on a pontoon taking in to consideration overhead cables spanning over the river. Ale piling were sub-contracted for the installation of permanent sheet piled wall with anchors. Access considerations were carefully thought out which included access for pontoons, work boat, piling rig and materials were through the gateway to the field adjacent to the substation from the access road off the A338.

The piling rig was loaded onto the pontoons in this field onto the river Avon.

– New structural river wall and bank stabilisation

– Bank re-profiling north of substation.

– Regrade of gabion stone

– Construction of thrust beam and anchorages within substation

– Pile driving

– Construction of capping beam of sheet piled wall

– Construction of large wooden flow diverters


Phase 2:

– Removal of existing bank in front of sheet piled wall installed on previous phase.

– Removal of existing sheet pile wall.

– Installation of Dycell mattresses along river bed spanning 5m out from edge of river.

– Installation of planty for bank stabilisation and infill of large void in a section of the existing river bed.

– The works took place on a platoon using an excavator with over head cables spanning over the river.

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