River Wallington Bank Stabilisation

Project Details

CLIENT: Fareham Borough Council
LOCATION: River Wallington
START DATE: January 2018
COMPLETION DATE: February 2018
VALUE:  £46,857.00

Removal and replacement of gabions on the River Wallington adjacent to a sheet pile wall.

This required excavation and removal of existing gabion baskets on either side of the sheet pile wall, to facilitate the installation of like for like gabions baskets, along a section of the River Wallington. The northern section was approximately 36m long, single stacked for 25cm, double stacked for 5m and triple stacked for a further 6m. The southern section was approximately 6m long and triple stacked along its extent.

The works completed were in accordance with the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG5) and (PPG6). Appropriate care was taken when working to ensure no negative impact to the environment, especially measures to mitigate against diesel pollution and hydraulic oil pollution. Biodegradable oil was used.

– The works take place on a public footpath, appropriate segregation of public and the works is essential, leave works safe and secure;

– Mobile plant was banked along the public pavement by a traffic marshal;

– Any working adjacent to water required adequate life preservation vests to be available.

– Sensitive water body, avoid working in fish migration season, works planned so as to minimise impact on wildlife.

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