Drayton Sub-Station Pole Store

Project Details

START DATE: 17/07/2017
COMPLETION DATE: 033/09/2017
VALUE:  £130,000

The works at Drayton consisted of a design and build pole store extension area that included bunded areas for environmental protection against potential pollutants from preserved wooden telegraph poles reaching the groundwater and the surrounding environment.

The aspects of this project include:

– Construction of bunded areas that consist of excavated areas lined and sand filled to soak up and block the potential pollutant pathway to possible receptors.

– Stoned up areas surrounding the bunded areas for delivery and movement of poles.

– Installation of steel uprights to form the storage areas containing the poles.

– Construction and surfacing of an access road for the pole store with a surfaced area for movements.

– Installation of ducting and cables to provide power to the lighting for the pole store area in several places.

– Overhead cables from the live substation provided a significant hazard for these works, and strict height restriction measures were implemented and a speed limit was enforced for movements around site.

– Excavated inert material produced as a by-product of these works were used to form a built up area behind the substation that was seeded. This was created rather than disposing this material to offsite disposal facilities reducing our environmental impact.

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